Scala Hosting is a growing web hosting company with its own in-house security solutions and scalable hosting options. It focuses on secure and fast hosting and offers shared, WordPress, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting options.

With such a big list of services, Scala Hosting can serve both small and big websites as well as provide them with all the resources to grow.

Customer reviews of Scala Hosting are exceptionally good. So how’s it in reality?

I purchased a plan to find out. In this Scala Hosting review, I tested and evaluated the provider’s pricing, features, performance, and support.

Let’s see how it went.

Scala Hosting Pricing

Scala Hosting has 3 shared hosting plans with prices ranging from $4.95 to $9.95/mo yearly. Managed VPS prices range from $12 to $66/mo while unmanaged VPS is cheaper, starting at $10/mo and scalable to the needs.

Shared hosting pricing is not as low as some of the competition can offer. However, the features’ list is impressive.

All of the plans are equipped with SSL certificates, SShield security package, free migration, unlimited site hosting, and cPanel license.

  • Mini for $4.95/mo (yearly pre-pay) offers 10GB of disk space and up to 90k visits per month.
  • Start for $5.95/mo (yearly pre-pay) includes unlimited disk space and 150k monthly visits.
  • Advanced for $9.95/mo (yearly pre-pay) is equipped with unlimited disk space 270k+ monthly visits, free domain, and free SEO audit.

Users can also choose WordPress optimized hosting for exactly the same price. The features list will be complemented with automatic updates for the CMS (content management system).

At the same time, Scala Hosting highly recommends choosing its Cloud VPS packages. So if you were thinking about the Advanced shared hosting plan, Managed VPS would make more sense.

It is just slightly pricier yet offers much more resources, better performance, and higher reliability.

All managed VPS packages come prepacked with 3TB of bandwidth, SPanel control panel, free unlimited migrations, SSHield real-time protection, unlimited accounts, and a dedicated IP. What differs is server resources.

  • Start for $12/mo (yearly pre-pay) includes 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage.
  • Advanced for $24/mo (yearly pre-pay) includes 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM, and 30GB SSD storage.
  • Business for $44/mo (yearly pre-pay) includes 4 CPUs, 6GB RAM, and 50GB SSD storage.
  • Enterprise for $66/mo (yearly pre-pay) includes 6 CPUs, 8GB RAM, and 80GB SSD storage.

All users can also choose a secondary HDD disk for more storage ($1 for each 10GB). Also, cPanel can also be bought separately with the pricing starting at $15/mo. Extra bandwidth can also be added.

Overall, Scala Hosting prices for shared hosting are not exactly the cheapest. At the same time, managed VPS offers a great value with generous data allowances. Furthermore, the discounted price does not increase if you choose to renew.

Scala Hosting has a transparent pricing strategy without any upsells. Shared hosting is relatively expensive while managed VPS offers great value for money.

Scala Hosting Features

Scala Hosting includes a bunch of features for its users. From security packages to unique control panel.

In this part of the Scala Hosting review, I took a look at all that this provider can offer.

SPanel Control Panel

With all managed and unmanaged VPS packages, SPanel control panel is included for free. It is a lightweight Scala Hosting alternative to cPanel that helps keep the pricing low.

The control panel has similar functionality to cPanel. Users can easily manage accounts and domains in addition to monitoring server activity.

ScalaHosting Review - SPanel interface As you can see, the functionality is completely the same as the one that cPanel offers. Just without an expensive license fee.

Furthermore, owners of the account get access to the admin panel. It gives complete control over the server – from monitoring to restarting the services.

SPanel Admin InterfaceThe panel also allows creating user accounts, manage SSH access, and more. It’s a great tool that helps distinguish users from admins for increased privacy and security.

SShield Security System

SShield security is included with all Scala Hosting plans. It is a 100% automated tool with built-in AI that is capable of detecting malicious behavior. 

The systems monitors websites 24/7 and alerts when a problem occurs. Scala Hosting claims that SShield blocks 99.998% of all web attacks.

It’s a unique project developed by Scala Hosting in-house teams. Machine intelligence ensures that the software is kept up to date – without the need to manually updating databases with the newest viruses created.

It is a promising project that has the potential to ensure the highest level of security for Scala Hosting clients.

Global Data Centers

Although relatively small, Scala Hosting has 2 datacenters – one in Dallas, USA and another one in Sofia, Bulgaria. This way, the provider can cover a huge worldwide audience and users can choose the server location that’s closest to their target.

Unfortunately, Scala Hosting rents the servers from different companies and does not own a private datacenter.

It comes both with benefits and drawbacks.

On a positive side, the provider does not need to invest too much on the location and can offer top-level hardware. 

Facilities also ensure the highest level of security and redundancy.

On a negative side, should something happen, Scala Hosting won’t have quick and direct access to the servers. This way, it can lead to longer downtime periods and slower resolving of other issues.

Overall, Scala Hosting has a great set of features. It offers not just a barebone hosting essentials but also enhanced security, easy hosting management, and redundant server network.

Scala Hosting Performance

For both shared and VPS hosting, Scala Hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This can result in 10 minutes weekly or almost 9 hours of yearly downtime.

Your hosting can go down for:





Even though that’s an industry standard, such amount of downtime can already cause some problems for bigger sites that rely on 100% availability. Fortunately, throughout the month testing, I’ve got a nice result of 99.95% uptime.

ScalaHosting Review PerformanceThe performance was also great and averaged at 406ms with a couple of higher peaks that did not reach 1 second.

Scala Hosting is a fast and reliable provider delivering its uptime promises and claims about fast performance.

Scala Hosting Customer Support

The provider has 24/7 customer support available via live chat, email, and phone. However, SclaHosting pre-sales and billing support only work Monday to Friday from 2:30 AM to 5 PM (GMT -6, CDT).

The one thing that immediately caught my eye when researching Scala Hosting was completely positive user reviews about the support team.

Can it be better than SiteGround’s?

To test it out, I contacted the sales support pre-purchasing a plan. And what do you know? One interaction, 2 minutes, and I have my question answered. No pushing, no unnecessary questions – just a simple answer to my inquiry.

ScalaHosting Review Customer SupportI enjoyed the short interaction very much and the same can be said about both the tech and billing support as well.

Agents are skilled, so all of my interactions were concise and helpful.

Scala Hosting has a great 24/7 customer support team that’s well-trained and capable of solving any inquiry quickly.

Scala Hosting – the Verdict

In my Scala Hosting review and testing, I found out that it’s a promising company that offers great features, stable performance, and exceptionally skilled customer support.

Although shared hosting prices are higher, VPS packages offer great value for money even for smaller sites.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense reliable provider, Scala Hosting might as well be a good choice.

Do you have experience with Scala Hosting? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!


  • Competitive VPS pricing
  • Good security features
  • Good response times


  • Pricey shared hosting